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Wednesday, 21 March 2018 19:46

Friends of the Manor House   Privacy Notice     March 20 2018


This Notice sets out the information we store about you.

Who we are

The Friends of the Manor House (“the Friends”)

Contact: John Cockshott (“the Contact”)

               41 Grove Road

               Ilkley LS29 9PF

               This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

               01943 601561

Charity Number 1047823

What information do we collect about you

We collect information which you give us either by way of annual subscription or online.

This information may be:

$1-       Your name, post address, email address and telephone number

$1-       Gift Aid status

$1-       Details of correspondence sent to you or received from you

$1-       Subscription and gift amounts and dates received

$1-       Your consent to our contacting you

When we ask you for personal information we shall tell you why, how we will use that information and refer you to this Privacy Notice

What we do with your information

We shall send you educational, informational, promotional or fundraising communications about Ilkley Manor House by email, or by post or telephone where appropriate.

We shall claim Gift Aid from HMCR as appropriate.

We may contact you to verify your information and to send surveys and for market research.

How we update the information we hold

We review the records we hold at least annually and delete those which are no longer accurate or necessary.

Do we share the information we hold?

We do not share or disclose this information to any third parties.

How we keep your information safe

We have a secure system to protect your information. Access to this system is available only to officers of the Friends and those duly authorised by the Management Committee of the Friends to have that access for processing your data.

The system is designed to prevent unauthorised access or modification, or improper use.

How can I access the information you hold about me and correct that information?

You can make a Subject Access Request to ask us if we are holding personal information about you and receive a copy of that information by contacting the Contact above.

What if the Privacy Notice changes

We review the Notice regularly. The date of the Notice at the top of this page will be changed if the Notice changes. If the changes are particularly significant we shall draw your attention to them.

To contact us

If you wish to contact us about this Notice or any of your personal information which we may hold, do so through the Contact above.

You can opt out of our communications at any time by contacting the Contact above.