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A. The Friends of the Manor House (FMH) will, so far as is reasonably practicable, seek to

ensure, and provide for, the health, safety and welfare of its volunteers whilst they are conducting their duties on its behalf. In addition FMH will, so far as is reasonably practicable, seek to ensure the health and safety of those people, who whilst not being its volunteers, come into contact with it and its activities.

B. FMH will also require its volunteers, and those performers and others conducting activities on its behalf to adhere to those current safety regulations that are applicable to the situation in which they conduct their activities and duties. FMH will where appropriate provide information and training, that is both suitable and sufficient, to its volunteers, to ensure that they act in accordance with A(above).



FMH recognises that although generally it provides a limited range of events in and around the Manor House in Ilkley, there are differing risk situations. 

It recognises that each event will present a slightly different environment and will thus maintain a

system of risk assessment for each type of event.



FMH recognises that in order for its volunteers to fulfil the aspects of their duties that relate to health and safety it will be sometimes be necessary to provide written guidance and occasionally more formal training. It will require its volunteers, organisers and stewards to comply with this safety policy and any guidance it has issued. It will require them to undertake such tasks as part of their duty that will ensure the delivery of this policy and the maintenance of required records. FMH specifically prohibits the ad hoc provision of electrical equipment by volunteers for purposes other than those which are personal to the volunteer.



Where FMH contracts performers and/or providers of ancillary equipment or services they will take steps to ensure that any electrical equipment provided by, or for, such people complies with current regulations and standards. Where performers by virtue of the type of performance, present additional specific risks it will ensure that any further necessary steps are taken to ensure adequate safety levels.


The Public

FMH recognises that members of the public that come into contact with its activities will have to be protected by the system of risk assessment outlined above.



FMH will maintain an adequate system of insurance for volunteers and members of the public who come into contact with its activities.




Date Agreed by Committee of Society  21.08.2009                             Date to be reviewed  Sept 2015

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