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1.1     FMH seeks to ensure that equality and diversity principles underpin all areas of the organisation’s work and service provision.


1.2     FMH recognises that many people and groups suffer discrimination and face serious barriers when trying to fulfil their true potential. It also recognises that not all forms of unreasonable and unfair discrimination are the subject of legislation. It is the aim of this organisation to take positive steps to redress discrimination, to improve equality of opportunity and to combat any unreasonable or unfair treatment which places people at a disadvantage for any reasons not directly related to their ability to do a job for this organisation or to their eligibility to receive services from us.

1.3     In most cases it is unlawful to discriminate against people on grounds of gender, pregnancy, race, colour, nationality, ethnic and national origin, sexuality/sexual orientation, religion or belief, age, or because they are disabled, married, a member of a trade union, work part time or on a fixed-term contract.  However we recognise that people may experience discrimination for many additional social, educational and economic reasons such as their language, health, physical or mental disability, HIV status, caring responsibilities, trade union activity, where they live, how they speak and whether they work flexibly. This policy will apply equally to all these circumstances.


1.4     FMH will not tolerate discrimination, harassment, bullying, victimisation or abuse of people connected with the services provided by FMH.




2.1     FMH’s Committee has responsibility for the equality and diversity policy, to implement, monitor and evaluate the equality and diversity policy in terms of service delivery.  The Committee will ensure that it regularly assesses the the policy's implementation and the implications of the Committee’s decisions and policies for equality and diversity issues.


2.2     All Committee members will be informed that an equality and diversity policy is in operation and that they are bound to comply with its requirements. The policy will also be drawn to the attention of FMH’s members, funding agencies and those using the services of FMH.


2.3     Committee members are to be given a copy of the whole policy upon appointment/election and whenever the policy is modified.  FMH will do its best to ensure that Committee members have read, understood and agreed to adhere to the policy.


2.4     Complaints from people using the organisation’s services will be through the complaints procedure for FMH.


2.5     FMH seeks a broad and representative Committee.


2.6     It is expected that when Committee members represent FMH on the committees of other agencies or groups they will endeavour to ensure that equality and diversity principles and practices are adopted by those agencies.







3.1     FMH seeks to ensure that its activities are accessible to all sections of the community served by FMH.  


3.2     FMH will make public its commitment to combating discriminatory attitudes where these are encountered.


3.3     FMH will attempt to ensure that none of its policies discriminate directly or indirectly against any group or individual.


3.4       FMH will ensure that its attitude to complaints reflects its objectives with regard to equality and diversity.


3.5     FMH will operate a variety of means to allow people to contact Committee members.





4.1     FMH will regularly evaluate its activities and the effectiveness of its equality and diversity policy, by a variety of means.


4.2     Monitoring may be carried out by FMH to provide the data for this regular evaluation. For instance, FMH may ask clients using our services, volunteers and Committee members for information about their ethnic origin, disability, marital status, age or other personal information. We will only do this for a specific defined purpose such as collecting statistical data for funders, for research or for our own monitoring to evaluate this policy’s impact.


4.3     FMH will be sensitive to groups and individuals and will have due regard for the principles of data protection when seeking information. Where sensitive information is gathered, those responding will be explicitly informed of the purpose and that they are liberty to withhold the information. All monitoring information will be securely stored, aggregated and anonomised.




5.1     FMH’s commitment to equality and diversity is an active one. This document should be amended on a regular basis as part of this active commitment.


5.2     FMH’s equality and diversity policy will be reviewed [annually/on an on-going basis] as an integral part of the business of the Committee and any sub-committee.


5.3     FMH will also seek to keep abreast of new developments in Equality and Diversity practice and actively seek information on this issue.



Date Agreed by Committee of Society  21.08.2012              Date to be reviewed  Sept 2015


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